Photo of Amber S. Johnson

A Strong Defense Can Make All The Difference

Photo of Amber S. Johnson

A Strong Defense Can Make All The Difference

Defense Against Accusations Of Assault Or Domestic Violence

The criminal justice system is a little backward when it comes to domestic assault. On the say-so of the victim or a 911 caller, the alleged abuser can be arrested, jailed overnight, removed from their own home and ordered to have no contact with their partner or children. So much for the presumption of innocence.

Johnson Criminal Defense provides a vigorous defense to charges of assault or domestic violence. Criminal defense lawyer Amber Johnson has been successful in getting unfounded charges dropped and unreasonable restraining orders dismissed.

Protecting Your Rights When Facing Assault Charges

Amber Johnson has devoted her practice to criminal law. She is known for her effective representation in assault and domestic violence cases, including:

  • Fifth-degree assault (simple assault)
  • Third-degree assault (assault and battery with injury)
  • Second-degree assault (use of a deadly weapon)
  • First-degree assault (great bodily harm)
  • Domestic assault (spouse or partner, ex-spouse, roommate, family member)
  • Malicious punishment of a child
  • Stalking or harassment
  • Interference with a 911 call
  • Violation of an order for protection

Many people do not realize they can be charged with assault without ever laying a finger on the other person. Assault can include verbal threats, threatening gestures or other conduct that puts the person in fear for their safety.

Assault and domestic violence can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. A conviction is punishable by jail or prison time. The court may also impose anger management counseling, chemical dependency treatment and other sanctions. Anyone convicted of domestic abuse or child abuse in Minnesota is prohibited from owning or possessing firearms. Lastly, allegations of domestic violence can be used against you in divorce and custody proceedings. For all these reasons, it is important to assert your rights and forcefully challenge the accusations.

Johnson Criminal Defense Tells Your Side Of The Story

When police are called to a domestic disturbance or a brawl, they are required to arrest at least one party to de-escalate the situation. But often that arrest is based on a one-sided version of events. Amber Johnson’s job is to challenge that narrative. Did the victim exaggerate the events or leave out details of their own involvement? Do they have a motive to get that person in trouble or kick them out? Amber works all the angles to cast reasonable doubt on the charges and provide a full picture of what really happened. Her skilled defense has resulted in many favorable outcomes, including dismissals of assault charges.

In domestic violence cases, the court will issue temporary protection orders. If you request a hearing, the court will give you an opportunity to challenge the order for protection (OFP), domestic assault no contact order (DANCO) or harassment restraining order (HRO). Johnson Criminal Defense has been successful in getting these orders dismissed completely or amended to allow contact with children.

Take Proactive Measures To Protect Your Rights

An arrest for assault or domestic violence puts you on the defensive. The best thing you can do is exercise your right to speak with legal counsel before answering any questions. Amber Johnson practices in all courts of the Twin Cities metro area and in jurisdictions throughout Minnesota. Call 612-263-8250 for a free consultation, or contact her online.